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Curious George is based on the book series created by the husband and wife team of children's author Margret Rey and illustrator Hans Rey. Having fled to Paris in 1940 with the manuscript for the little curious monkey in their luggage, it was published a year later. They both produced many children books but Curious George remains the most beloved. The animated children's TV series is a hand drawn, 2D creation first debuting in 1980 and produced by Alan Shalleck. The show is targeted toward your 2-6 year old and returned to PBS television in 2006 with new Adobe Flash based episodes ultimately concluding with a feature film animation by Universal Studios. Will Ferrell is the voice of the man in the yellow hat who is referred to in the movie as Ted.

Trivia: The title character originally was named ZoZo so as not to be confused with his majesty King George VI of England. Feel free to look around a bit.

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